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AKA: Alexander Voronin, Leonardo, Leonardo Scalia, Peter Olssen

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Niemira Niemira Lefado 122 images
Mila Azul Milla Bursie 92 images
Vana L Victory What A Beautiful… 100 images
Lola Krit Lola Krit Presenting Lola Krit 92 images
Niemira Niemira Whatever You Wanna… 107 images
Juck Sarika Lasari 100 images
Milla D Milla Explicit 104 images
Candice B Candice B Pholta 120 images
Jane F Nancy A Sensual Beauty 104 images
Gloria Sol Sophia Naked 104 images
Candy D Candice B Hey 112 images
Selina Selina Crisesa 96 images
Niemira Niemira Fionna 120 images
Benita B Sarika Outside 93 images
Genevieve Gandi Genevieve Gandi Sovie 122 images
Penelope G Gyana A Get Naked 113 images
Amelie B Amelie B Roelc 120 images
Jane F Nancy A Splendid 100 images
Pandora B Pandora B Feana 120 images
Candice B Candice B Aldice 128 images
Aislin Aislin Likith 93 images
Cira Nerri Cira Nerri Sennah 125 images
Davina E Sybil A Hello 107 images
Yarina A Yarina A Nerodo 118 images
Amaris Koko Premiere 100 images
Amelie B & Candice B Candice B & Amelie B Candys 120 images
Sveta L Kenya Talk 103 images
Benita B Sarika River Bank 104 images
Rena Cara Mell Sunday 104 images
Genevieve Gandi Genevieve Gandi Nediza 118 images

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2012-02-26 11:42:47 Reply
I've been a little surprised how few of Voronin's covers have appeared in the covers top 10 listing and how briefly any have stayed there. To me he is one of not many photographers who are in the same class as Stefan Soell. Erro, Rylsky and Slastyonoff are others - but it would be hard to name another five with that much talent and matching accomplishments.
Voronin has enjoyed exclusive shooting with two of the MET-Art models most popular here at theNUDE.eu. Each Natalia A and Sabrina D have strong followings here. What is happening in the covers voting seems to reflect rivalry between those voters who back just one of the two models. Whenever a cover showing either of the two Ukrainian beauties gets into the top ten, some voters from the other model's backers vote that cover out.
That's a shame. Any top ten covers listing that excludes shots by Voronin and shows neither Sabrina nor Natalia is obviously not as strong as it might be.
2011-12-26 17:30:44 Reply
Anticheat is right.... How many people did you pay for voting u?
2011-12-26 15:28:42 Reply
Cheater !!!!! In cahoots with MetArt or with this website ???
2011-11-13 09:00:48 Reply
proxy - yes, Kira A asked to be removed from the index (:R
2011-11-13 03:39:26 Reply
I noticed some time ago that MA's 'Kira A' has vanished from these pages, as well as from MA's own, into thin air. By her own request, I presume. Which I fully respect, of course. It shows the character of a true muse and icon, that I've always read in her eyes. Kira had (and hopefully still has) this very rare quality of reflecting the 'eye of the beholder', through her own. Metaphorically, and literally.
See http://oi42.tinypic.com/33y2u69.jpg for the latter.
It reminds me of some Renaissance painters, that use some tiny mirroring detail in the huge setting of the canvas to create a miniature self portrait, as the 'artist at work', or indeed, the eye of the beholder.
I personally don't think Voronin is anywhere near that kind of class (the aka Leonardo for that matter is in fact rather presumptuous), but Kira - as a muse - most certainly is.
Although absent here, she will be remembered in the hearts of the few that value her as the unique human being that she is.
So, Kira, bless you, and thank you. It was more than a privilege.
2011-05-23 20:23:06 Reply
All these comments on a name change and possible reasons, and I'm surprised nobody mentioned this yet.
Simply, for Met-Art to continue publishing Voronin sets would have broken their numbering scheme. They allocate three digits for the set number from each photographer, and Voronin sets were up to 980+ before the change.
To continue would have required Met-Art to change their picture numbering scheme. The simpler solution is to attribute new sets to a different photographer.
2011-05-16 01:47:53 Reply
It seems that Liza B is his wife.

2010-05-09 15:08:30 Reply
Here's a more tangible piece of evidence that Leonardo is Voronin. Visit Voronin's fashionbank page and look at this photo. Recognise Liza B? It's pic 109 of "Temptations" by... Leonardo (Met-Art, 11 April 2010). Here we find it signed Alexander Voronin.

Similarly, Kameliya A shows some photos on her napodiume model page that she credits to Voronin and that can be traced back to her "Chiaro" set by... Leonardo (MetModels, 1 April 2010).
2010-01-27 16:50:12 Reply
If Leonardo isn't Voronin, he certainly works side by side with him. Maybe he's his apprentice.

The recent Jesika MET Art Video "Bakery" by Voronin has a corresponding photo set "Chef" at MET Models by Leonardo.

proxy has a good point about styles, but they do develop and the tendency of sites to hold on to sets for years sometimes before release muddies the waters. Also photographers using the same models and studios can make apparent connections out of business decisions.
2009-12-23 15:17:57 Reply
So, we have ourselves a bikini fetishist here ...
Yeah, sure, I'll give Alex a call, see what I can do ... ;-)
2009-12-19 22:29:23 Reply
hi is about INGA C I like that she appear in a set wearing a bikini complete bikini and to undress it THANKS
2009-12-13 13:57:40 Reply
Well, scientific certainty doesn't exist in these matters. But if I put this before a court of law, I don't think I would have much trouble convincing the jury. Here's the evidence: Met-Art has consistently been publishing somewhere between 8 and 16 photosets per month by a photographer called Voronin. Then all of a sudden, that trickles down to 2 in November 2009 and 0 so far in December 2009. At the same time, there's this "new" photographer called Leonardo who shoots all the same models - including several who have never modeled for any other photographer - at the same locations in the same style. And instead of 8 to 16 sets per month by Voronin, Met now publishes 8 to 16 sets per month by Leonardo.

I register your opinion about particular sets, but personally, I can't see anything uniquely sub-standard about the 2 sets you mention. I suppose if we held a little poll among Voronin admirers and asked them to rate some individual sets, we'd get 10 different answers as to which are his greatest sets and which are his not-so-great sets...

I share your opinion that more attention should be given to photographers. It takes two to make a great photoshoot. Let's keep in mind that, at its core, this site does nothing more than collect covers and organise them by models and sites and photographers. All the peripheral info, the gossip, the external links are provided by visitors. True, 99% of the contributions we get are about models and not about photographers. I'd be the first person to welcome more contributions about photographers.
2009-12-05 08:55:23 Reply
How come you're so sure that MA's new kid on the block Leonardo is the same photographer as the one and only Voronin?
True, Leo uses the same Ukrainian models, props and shooting sites (e.g. same pool, same outdoors) as Voronin does, but still, Voronin would imho never authorize such extremely poor shoots as for example Leonardo's 'Laila A - Esposis' or 'Inga C - Maine'. And of course, it may be that Metart decided to publish Voronin's previously rejected B-shoots under a different alias. Just as they recycled Slastyonoff's old material from his own - now offline - website on for example Narkiss as brand new, some time ago.
So, you may wanna consider splitting Leonardo and Voronin as photographer for the time being, unless you have some facts to substantiate this merge. Open for discussion, of course.
And, btw: I think the attention on photographers is a little underrated here. Personally, I would like to know much more details on photographers, if possible. It still is the photographers eye and skill to capture, or distroy the beauty of a model. I mean, there's only one Slastyonoff, and it would be nice if people got some more understanding as to _why_ that is.
2007-04-01 07:32:35 Reply
Truly a master of his art,beyond compare!