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Antea Altea B Queen 50 images
Leonie Leonie Sedurre 62 images
Sabrisse A Sabrisse A Sacadi 123 images
Eveline Eveline Dellai Presenting Eveline 121 images
Genevieve Gandi Genevieve Gandi Luminar 59 images
Candice Luka Candice Jadola 124 images
Antea Altea B Cuarta 67 images
Mango A Clover Rasea 129 images
Apolonia Apolonia Lapiedra Derya 130 images
Solana A Solana A Solana 65 images
Cayla Cayla Lyons Tarnel 127 images
Leonie Leonie Morning Lace video
Leonie Leonie Morning Lace video
Giulia Alyssa A Clienta 58 images
Antea Altea B Mostrare 68 images
Sybil A Sybil A Clasica 53 images
Antea Altea B Doccias 75 images
Eva Kane Eva Kane Sedurre 60 images
Antea Altea B Nuda 75 images
Sanita Sanita Cabella 52 images
Nancy A Nancy A Netheri 127 images
Alise Moreno Alise Moreno Relajar 60 images
Antea Altea B Fango 69 images
Nikia A Nikia A Nikia 60 images
Indiana Black Indiana Blanc Sea Journey video
Play Video
Indiana Black Indiana Blanc Sea Journey video
Play Video
Lucy Li Lucy Li Meio 16 images
Xenna Xenna Xenna 64 images
Lucy Li Lucy Li Meio 125 images
Antea Altea B Cuarta 65 images

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2015-05-30 12:53:55 Reply
@russell: Q for your next new design coming:

1) Is it possible to make an easier page-scroll button.

E.g. 'Photographers'>'Erro'> has 139 pages. Now how can I choose page 139 quickly, otherwise than push the right-arrow-button 128 times??? Pfffffff!

2) Please fill in some infos on the photographers-BIO-page...it's so empty! (I've got ERRO's from his book)
2013-04-13 14:18:00 Reply
I'm sorry to hear that he sold out to a bigger player and for all the work he has put in over the years.

No wonder it doesn't feel as personal project anymore, just business.
2012-12-26 08:41:56 Reply
Erro's photos are not necessarily my favourite.

However,his videos are second to none.

They are consistently top notch.

Beautiful models,playing with themselves,becoming aroused,nipples enlarging,purple engorgement....

Gotta run.
2012-07-10 14:35:49 Reply
Erro's fresh new book "Errotica" contains collected girls from his 'stock' van A till Z.
But why not included Altea B/Antea, my most favourite angel with the most galleries?
Does this mean that she'll get her own book??? If not, then I do want to make it!
2012-07-04 19:30:40 Reply
Frodo - yes, it's true about Hydentra. Not a bad thing? (:R
2012-07-04 09:38:03 Reply
Could it be an idea to insert the cover of Erro's new released BOOK "Errotica by erro" ?

Is it true that Erro's ownership of the new Errotica-website is taken by Hydentra? Does anybody know something about this?
2011-12-22 09:08:49 Reply
Erro and Koenart are not the same. I read, that "Koenart"is a female photogrpher named Tania Koen. But what happened to Erro? I was member of his page but I will not prolong it. Too many unqualified shooters. The Erro-Series, made by himself are way too old. So - did he sale his Archives? Unfortunately, Antea was my absolute favorite and there are no new pictures of her. Did she retire? I hope not!
2011-11-29 09:04:46 Reply
StanDaMan66 - fixed! Thanks, (:R
2011-11-29 00:07:07 Reply
Your link for 13 November 2008 Lizzy points to the wrong gallery. The correct set is MET-ART_err_249
2011-11-26 10:03:31 Reply
>(FVK).. Your Koenart=Erro idea is interesting. They definitely have similar style and quality.

My guess is that they are different people, but I'm not sure. I never detected a preference for Latvian models in Erro's work. As of late November Koenart has "presented" fourteen new models at MET-Art. Eight of those are Latvians, one Russian and five Czechs. Before August all the new models Koenart presented at MET-Art were Latvians or Russian. Since the end of July she (assuming Tatyana Koen is real) has presented five Czechs and two more Latvians. I guess (but do not KNOW) that Koen has connections with Latvia that Erro does not.
2011-11-24 21:24:56 Reply
>(FVK) .. don't know... Last European release I saw was 22 november release of Antea's 'Dendron'

(ALL shootings for Antea/Altea have been done by Erro for Errotica and Metart), but I wouldn't be surprised he's working with more nickname(s)
2011-09-13 16:43:05 Reply
Could it be, that Erro appears at Metart under the name "Koenart" ? The models look the same and the he arranges the photos. He is not publishing nay longer as "Erro", right?
2011-03-23 14:30:30 Reply
Russell! Sets Adorable, Bluean, Violetto, Sella, Chrumky, Bedtime, Tepich, Scempio, Sandwoman, Peloso, Arenaria, Maska, Pool, Erecto, Sprska, Secese, Viridis, Sundownea, Lingeria, Shredder, Pasadera, Kamna, Uscio, Avvincere, Evente, Leopardia, Niva and Lympha don't photographed by Erro. See at covers.
2011-02-20 18:21:07 Reply
I'd really like to complement you with your fine soft-erotic-photographic work for Errotica.
Some girls are even my very best favourites on the internet, like Antea/Altea, Jenni and Monika Vesel√°. Funny...all from same area.
Especially Antea/Altea/Belinda is my dearest favourite I Love her very very much. She looks so cute on your photo's and in her movies she's so sweet. She's got a pefect slim body but most of all, her beautiful smiles are melting.
The way she acts with her eyes and her cute smiles... she is heavenly sweet! I love the close-ups of her face!

So I got some questions which are very important by collecting those beautiful pictures.
- I am always curious to the locations where shootings were held, e.g. the 2007 films along with Jenni. That Adobe-like location with pool and nice sea-view.
So I mean the period of 'Energy', 'Strain', 'Tanx', Intrigante', 'Freely', 'Bano', and many more of that. (Of course you shot also a lot of other girls there)
- The technical side in your film/photographic equipment: What is your favourite camera; the Canon or the Hasselblad.
- Who's making the actual movies; who are the other persons in your crew?

Lots and lots of kisses to Antea/Altea, whetever her real name might be.....
2011-02-20 17:30:02 Reply
I AM a fan of Erro. Just because he's photographing my favourite girls. He's the standard photographer for my sweetheart ALTEA B (aka Antea) and I do like the way he's working with her. Look e.g. how they act together in the movie 'Must'.