BlackRoger - My favourite models

Model Name Born Birthplace Comments Updated
Eddison 29-12-1993 Ukraine
Ganna A ??-??-1993 Russia Sweetest, natural beauty. Love her eyes, her hair, her smile, etc. Marry this girl in a minute...spend a lifetime with her in her forest!
Vika Ac Ukraine
Katya D ??-??-1987 Ukraine
Stephanie 16-11-1981 Czech Republic
Julia I 23-07-1986 Ukraine
Sabrisse A 08-06-1989 Czech Republic She looks so innocent! (Don't be deceived!) Her eyes say 'I am sweetheart. Are you sweet man?' Her body says 'I am real Woman. Are you real Man?' (Answer carefully my man)
Alisa G 16-07-1991 Ukraine Thrilled to see Alisa still Modelling! She's a quiet one, but something in her eyes and smile exude mystery within. She grows intriguingly sexier every year!
Victoria 16-05-1986 Argentina
Simona ??-??-1986 Czech Republic Fell in love with this girl at once. Golden hair, deep blue pools for eyes, tanlines, freckles, and the purest of innocence. She took the net by storm several years ago and vanished into thin air. Always a top favorite.
Monika C ??-??-1987 Czech Republic An all-time classic favorite from my all-time favorite photographer, Richard Murrian. Innocent, moody, mysterious. Love her!
Ivette ??-??-1987 Czech Republic
Katya Ab Ukraine
Kora A 1990 Ukraine
Lidiya Russia
Sofia Hungary
Anna Tatu 03-06-1991 Czech Republic
Sophia E 10-03-1992 Latvia
Zlatka A ??-??-1992 Ukraine
Atena A 11-08-1989 Ukraine Timeless beauty and longtime favorite. It was a thrill to see her win in Aug '12 long after I thought everyone else had forgotten her!
Indiana A ??-??-1986 Russia Longtime favorite! She went from impossibly cute in Cinnamon to sultry vixen in Purenea in a very short time, and exudes more sexiness with every new shoot!
Chiara A 07-06-1988 Czech Republic
Frances A ??-??-1988 Moldova
Izolda A 29-04-1988 Belarus
Karina N ??-??-1993 Latvia
Emily Bloom 09-07-1993 Ukraine
Galina A ??-??-1992 Russia
Emily J Latvia
Vita C ??-??-1989 Ukraine
Lila A 1995 Ukraine Every picture makes you want to fall in love with her. *Every* picture!
Olya C ??-??-1987 Ukraine
Svetlana B 1986 Ukraine
Marina N ??-??-1985 Ukraine
Cuba A ??-??-1986 Ukraine
Marilu A ??-??-1985 Ukraine
Tory C ??-??-1984 Russia
Roberta Berti 23-02-1988 It's not enough that she's sensuously irresistible head to toe, her crooked, devious smile drives me crazy! Kiss her in a heartbeat!
Veronika Fasterova 08-10-1987 Czech Republic
Izzy United States of America
Yalena Russia
Yolka A ??-??-1987 Ukraine
Talia ??-??-1991 Russia Quite possibly the happiest girl on the internet. Her smile is just contagious!
Izabelle A ??-??-1989 Russia
Alexandra B 1988 Russia
Ilona A 23-03-1992 Ukraine
Nicole E 27-06-1987 Brazil
Hanna B 05-11-1983 Ukraine
Jennifer A ??-??-1990 Russia
Elize Ukraine
Divinity Love 11-02-1986 Czech Republic
Alisa A 1990 Ukraine
Amberlina Poland
Anita 16-01-1989 Russia
Alba A ??-??-1989 Czech Republic
Adriana D 31-07-1987 Russia
Albina A 20-10-1983 Russia
Annis A 1994 Ukraine Those eyes, that smile, that skin! Sensuous, luscious beauty...every inch! (Keep a man home at night...all night...that's for sure!)
Ardelia A ??-??-1993 Ukraine
Astrud A ??-??-1987 Russia
Bogdana B 1991 Russia
Bony A 1990 Russia
Brigitte United Kingdom
Elena Russia
Elise A ??-??-1993 Ukraine
Erika F ??-??-1990 Russia
Freya A ??-??-1984 Russia
Hope A Ukraine
Inna Q 1983 Ukraine
Iren A ??-??-1986 Ukraine
Irina K 08-10-1988 Ukraine
Jane D ??-??-1988 Ukraine
Kami 27-04-1989 Czech Republic
Katy N 1989 Ukraine
Ksena A ??-??-1988 Ukraine
Lana G ??-??-1990 United States of America I want to take this natural beauty fishing is some wild place...and not do any fishing! Love her dark hair and even darker eyes. The feather tattoo dissolving into a flock of birds is off-the-hook!
Lauren Crist 05-06-1990 Czech Republic
Lily C 05-11-1989 Ukraine I love watching this girl dance! She's got killer moves to go with that killer body!
Lissa A 30-08-1985 Russia
Lotta A 22-01-1987 Ukraine
Dariya A 13-10-1986 Ukraine Darya is the kind of innocent-but-not-so-innocent country girl you take on a picnic with a bottle of wine, and go exploring, exploring things like windy seashores, old derelict windmills, etc.
Mila I 27-07-1991
Sofi A 30-03-1987 Ukraine
Lidiya A 17-06-1988 Ukraine
Olga K 18-11-1985 Ukraine
Aria A 1990 United States of America
Mila H ??-??-1989 Russia
Mira A 28-02-1985 Ukraine
Chloe Smith
Irina J 01-07-1991 Russia
Mia Sollis 20-10-1990 Czech Republic
Serena Wood 03-11-1993 Ukraine
Margaret B Russia
Milana C Ukraine
Nastya I 21-08-1988 Ukraine
Nata ??-??-1986 Russia
Nicolle A ??-??-1988 Russia
Penelope D ??-??-1990 Russia
Peta Todd 08-12-1986 United Kingdom
Phiby 08-08-1984 Russia One of the most beautiful girls to grace the internet for years...and years to come. Her sweet elegance and grace is timeless.
Rikku 18-05-1991 Hungary
Suzanna A 30-11-1987 Ukraine
Tamara Ukraine
Valerina A ??-??-1987 Ukraine
Victoriya A Russia
Vila A 27-01-1992 Such beguiling innocence... Captivated by her mysterious charm from the first set! Definitely an all-time top favorite!
Vita A ??-??-1987 Ukraine
Yarina A 28-01-1993 Ukraine
Lilian A 08-02-1991 Ukraine
Lara ??-??-1992
Valeria A 15-01-1994 Ukraine
Altea B 21-03-1987 Slovakia
Viva B ??-06-1989 Russia
Vittoria Amada 18-09-1990 Russia
Linda D ??-??-1982 Ukraine
Justine Jewel ??-??-1988 United States of America
Demi B ??-??-1990 Canada
Michaela Isizzu 22-05-1990
Ariel 25-06-1984 Czech Republic
Jenni 17-08-1983 Czech Republic
Natasha S 17-05-1988 Russia
Fay A ??-??-1984 Canada
Zhanna B 11-05-1988 Russia
Amanda 14-01-1991 Russia
Vanessa 1991 Romania
Jenya D 30-03-1983 Ukraine
Nela ??-??-1988 Czech Republic
Bijou A 30-01-1987 Czech Republic
Rumba ??-??-1993 Russia
Izabella 24-11-1995
Tamara F 25-12-1987 Russia
Sabrina D 1992 Norway
Lili F 18-12-1989 Ukraine
Michaela Ukraine
Karissa Diamond ??-??-1993 Ukraine
Koty A 06-05-1984 Russia
Clarice 28-10-1997
Mila Azul 01-12-1997
Ilze A ??-??-1987 Russia
Dana C 1990 Russia
Jewel A ??-??-1988 Canada
Iveta B 23-10-1985 Czech Republic
Pandea A ??-??-1983 Ukraine
Lukki Lima ??-??-1992 Ukraine
Denisa B ??-??-1992 Moldova
Irina B 17-01-1989 Russia
Irina N 28-02-1986 Russia
Sonia Red 25-12-1986 Czech Republic
Olivia A Russia
Cristina A 02-12-1987 Russia
Kaite A ??-05-1988 Russia
Yasmin A Czech Republic
Eliska Czech Republic
Monika Vesela 01-09-1983 Czech Republic
Masha E ??-??-1986 Ukraine
Emma Sweet ??-??-1997
Eufrat 04-07-1985 Czech Republic
Adel C 09-05-1995 Latvia
Roza A 1986 Russia
Magdalena 04-10-1984 Poland
Roxy Raine ??-??-1996 What's more beautiful than a beautiful girl? A beautiful girl with lotsa beautiful personality! And this girl has both! (Watch her videos!)
Katya V 01-04-1986 Ukraine
Ashanti A 25-10-1982 Russia
Varya A 10-01-1992 Ukraine
Lorena B 16-09-1986 Spain
Marketa B 25-03-1982 Czech Republic
Kira W 16-09-1992 Ukraine
Violet ??-??-1995
Olya Fey ??-??-1992
Marsha A ??-??-1985 Ukraine
Emily Windsor ??-??-1991 United States of America
Sienna A ??-??-1983 Canada
Hilary C 15-06-1994 Ukraine
Jana X ??-??-1990
Vika G ??-??-1989 Russia
Sandy A ??-??-1987 Russia
Anna Ak ??-??-1987 Russia
Carolina Sampaio ??-??-1996
Berry A 1989 Russia
Foxy Salt ??-??-1996
Niki Mey 03-11-1989 Ukraine
Alisa 06-03-1997
Karina K ??-??-1990 Russia
Natalia B 08-03-1983 Russia
Solana A ??-??-1995 Ukraine
Helene ??-??-1995
Nomi A 1988 Russia
Sofi Shane ??-??-1995
Genevieve Australia
Shelli ??-??-1993
Lorian ??-??-1993
Yuki 11-01-1997
Clover 12-11-1989 Russia
Anelie A ??-??-1988 Russia
Odara 14-03-1994
Hailey ??-??-1999
Susann ??-??-1999
Lola Krit 13-09-1996
Izabel A 30-11-1995 Ukraine
Mabelle Germany
Norma A ??-??-1993 Ukraine
Vally A 1989 Latvia
Dasha 07-04-1989 Ukraine
Saloma ??-??-1999
Erna ??-??-1999
Dasha Ukraine
Corinna 23-03-1982 Germany
Linda 29-09-1994
Niemira 19-05-1992