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The site is a magical place for viewers in a number of ways but especially for those of us who have been fans of MET art for a long time.

I first became aware of MET (some don’t even know that it stands for Most Erotic Teens) quite a number of years ago and didn’t even know then, that there were a lot of other publishers of nude models around.

Having kicked the habit long ago of viewing hard porn, I began to enjoy more and more viewing the beautiful young girls featured regularly by MET.

I quickly began to know many of them by name and began to collect folders in my computer of the galleries of my favorites but most of them were never quite filled out with a decent number of pictures. That is until I finally was able to have entry to this site.

While admittedly it does take a little while to learn what is available here and to learn how to navigate around in it, it does become as I named it above, a magical place for those of us who enjoy viewing and collecting some of these pictures.

For example, it enables the viewer to enter a favorite model’s name into the search window and access complete sets of her work going all the way back to her first appearance. With that feature, collectors can create galleries of their own by selecting any of the pictures they want to use. Something I’ve really enjoyed doing.

The month and year windows allow the viewer to go back in time and to see the style and early models from the time of MET’s beginning. As an added extra, the site allows viewers to preview the covers of new galleries not yet released to know which ones to look for in advance.

New viewers just need to have the patience to experiment with the various features of the site all crowded onto the first page upon entry and to learn how to access some of the models and galleries they may be interested in.

There are two features I would like to ask MET to consider adding. One is easy and the other would take a lot of time and some expense. The easy one first. MET has from it’s early years presented models and galleries of those who remain “Unshaven” and used that word on the cover of the gallery. I happen to know that there are in fact a number of viewers who prefer the ladies to be “unshaven” but finding those sets are very difficult.

I’m one who is in that category so why not have a section that can access al of the unshaven galleries from the earliest up to the present for those who have that preference? I put the word “unshaven” into the search window and the result was not at all what I have suggested.

Other specific categories could be included over time for example, by inputting into the search window, “topless in jeans”. Another category of pictures I like. Few and hard to come by leaving it to chance.

Finally and I realize, more expensive and difficult to do would be a new category of, let’s call it “After the Teens”

I have a few favorite models from the early “2000”s” (2003-2006 or 7) that I don’t see anymore, presumably because they’re now older, possibly married or just that they haven’t matured in a kindly way, but many of us might like to know what some of them look like today since they gave us so much pleasure in viewing them years ago.

How about contacting some of them when possible and see if they’d consider letting some of we more mature viewers see how they’ve fared over time. Two in particular I have in mind would be Elena H and Karoline A.


Thinking of joining from a country out of the USA? Save yourself a ton of money - use a proxy and pay in $'s 1yr Membership = £99.99 1yr Membership = $99.99 (£60.00) Don't you hate being ripped off? *snip*!


There are some very hot girls on this site! The photographs of some of this girls are of very high quality and most of the models are simple gorgeous. I love that they have a live cam section. I personally like to watch these girls live on camera rather than just flipping through pictures all the time. the site is very easy to navigate through and has tons of images. The top rated models really have earned their spot on the list. Material on this site dates back to 1999, not sure who has time to go through all of it but I guess it offers variety.


If like me you are downloading the complete sets as zip files, you will have noticed how big they have grown in the last week or so. Today\'s (25-08-2011) crop breaks all records, with one set weighing 2.0 GB and another 1.8 GB. No doubt, Met-Art sees this as part of their continuing efforts to improve the site and stay ahead of the pack...

Only, is this really an improvement? Is bigger really better? In theory, it must be. Jpeg compression is a compromise between quality and size. Bigger files, higher quality. But in practice?? I routinely re-compress everything that I download. Both of today\'s jumbo sets compressed 10x to under 200 MB. Viewing the original and the compressed version of the same file at full resolution, I am unable to spot even the minutest loss of quality. Do I need my eyes examined? Do I need a bigger & better monitor (mine is \"only\" a 30\" Apple Cinema Display)? Do I need to print A1-size posters to see the difference?

As so many things in the real world, the \"bigger is better\" equation is subject to the law of diminishing returns. Beyond a certain point, any further increase is only a waste of bandwidth and disk space. Even before the recent wave of jumbo-size sets, most Met-Art sets were 2 or 3 times beyond that point. Now it\'s 5 or 10 times...

Not everybody in the industry has fallen victim to the \"bigger is better\" delusion. Met-Art is still the best. Keep working on making it even better, but files that are 10 times bigger than they need to be is not the right kind of progess...