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AKA:Elena, Yelena


Born [dd-mm-yyyy]:

Birthplace: United States of America United States of America

First Seen: 2006

Last Seen:



Piercings: None

Hair Colour: Fair

Breasts: Medium (Real)

Official Site:

Interview Page:

Tattoos: None


Appears with: Una (x1), Shanoor (x1), Marie (x1), Mae (x1), Kitty (x1), Cleo (x1), Karin (x1), Maxx (x1), Natalie (x1), Tiana Hunter (x1), Klara (x1), Nela (x1), January Seraph (x1), Liz Ashley (x1), Lucille B (x1)

Categories: Glamour

Tags: United States of America , fair hair , medium natural breasts

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2014-01-06 08:42:29 Reply
Found a bunch of photos of Elena on http://www.sometimessassy.com. It's the guy who used to run SimplyBeautifulGirls.com.
2012-01-07 22:43:46 Reply
I appreciate you considering my arguments, MetMonk.

P.S. You can also change her Started Modeling stat to 2006, which is the date of her earliest set on visionsofophelia.com
2012-01-04 16:41:00 Reply
While hair colour, moles and teeth never seemed conclusive to me, you obviously know quite a bit of context around yelena and I must bow to your superior knowledge. That little web that you discovered of cross-links, references and hints between sites, photographers and models looks entirely convincing.

BTW, that "showcase" page on muse featuring Yelena is publicly accessible: http://www.m-u-s-e.org/showcase.php?set=kenneth1.
2011-12-31 09:31:15 Reply
Here's another piece of evidence that Elena from Muse is not Lucy B: Teeth

Here's a comparison: http://img294.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=321223863_elenavslucyb_123_124lo.jpg

P.S. I'm curious why the visionsofophelia.com link got put under the Galleries tab instead of in Web Links in the Bio tab. Is there a reason for that?
2011-12-26 12:11:20 Reply
alfredthedog - Thanks for your continued persuasion - I'm going to leave this in the admin section until MetMonk gets back. Thanks, (:R
2011-12-26 07:49:13 Reply
You're right that the Morey sets look different than the Muse sets. However, I think it's the Morey sets that are the outliers in this case, as the Muse sets look very similar to the VisionsOfOphelia.com sets and other photos of Elena.

Let me try to take this into a more objective realm. I wanted to stay away from this if I could as it somewhat deals with real names. I apologize if this is against the rules.

SimplyBeautifulGirls.com was run by the photographer Kenneth Eckert. The Muse set of Elena was shot by Kenneth Eckert, and SimplyBeautifulGirls.com, along with Kenneth, is promoted in the members area of Muse under Showcases (and it shows pictures of Elena as examples of his work). On Elena's official photography/modeling website, she used to have a link to Kenneth Eckert's website (the links page is now offline, but it can be viewed using archive.org here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070329051637/http://www.elenakulikova.com/links/index.html). I hope this is enough to proves that the sets on Muse are of Elena, not Lucy.

There is also another piece of evidence, although it is less substantial than the above. On this page: http://www.girlphoria.com/200612/beautifulgirls.html (which is an archive of a michelle7.com update; the full version can be seen here: http://www.michelle7.com/covers/2006/12/index.php) it shows a Muse set, a JC Gilbert (the photographer that runs VisionsOfOphelia.com) set, and it promotes SimplyBeautifulGirls.com and Kenneth Eckert. It doesn't prove outright that those three sites are linked, but hopefully it shows that they have some sort of relationship and that it is very likely that the sets on each are all of the same person.

More evidence can be presented, but it would deal more with real names.
2011-12-18 15:16:18 Reply
It's hard to be sure because there is only one Muse set and it is heavily photoshopped. Too heavily to base any judgement on moles. Eye colour? True, her eyes, although still recognisibly brown, appear less dark than usual in the muse set. But I would attribute that to processing. In most muse sets, including this one, the colours have been doctored in various ways to produce an artsy atmosphere. In this particular set, colours appear to have been softened. I would say that all we have to go on in the end is general "looks". Lucy has been very widely published over the years and I personally think she is instantly recognisable. This is entirely subjective but when I look at muse's Elena, I kind of "know" I'm looking at Lucy while Morey's Yelena looks different.
2011-12-18 13:15:53 Reply
alfredthedog - we're looking into this and we'll get back to you asap (:R
2011-12-18 12:22:51 Reply
While they look similar, I am certain that the Elena at m-u-s-e.org is Yelena, not Lucy B. Lucy B has a mole on her neck and two on her stomach (seen here: http://www.thenude.eu/covers.php?g=18&id=129449 and here: http://www.thenude.eu/covers.php?g=491&id=120828) and Elena does not. They have different color eyes as well (Lucy B's are clearly brown, Elena's are not).

By the way, Elena had some photos on simplybeautifulgirls.com, but that site no longer exists (a few of the photos from it are in a bonus section of the m-u-s-e.org members area, though). Also, she is now a photographer and is no longer modeling as far as I can tell.
2011-12-18 11:00:03 Reply
alfredthedog - Thanks for the missing cover. We have (Muse) Elena associated with Lucy B (:R