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AKA:Kate, Milena, Milena Angel, Milena D, Milenna, Sunna, Veronika A


Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: 10-06-1991

Birthplace: Ukraine Ukraine

First Seen: 2010

Last Seen:

Measurements: 35-23-35 / 88-59-90

Height: 5'6 / 1.68

Piercings: Navel

Hair Colour: Fair

Breasts: Small (Real)

Official Site: Click Here

Interview Page: XCZECH

Social Media: INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, VK (fan page), VKONTAKTE



Appears with: Emily Bloom (x17), Nika N (x15), Korica A (x4), Lyala A (x3), Fabi (x2), Jessie B (x2), Agni A (x2), Hannah Sweet (x1), Katie A (x1), Zana (x1), Valeria A (x1), Subil A (x1)

Categories: Glamour, Lez

Tags: Ukraine , fair hair , small natural breasts , piercings

Favourite of: 697 members
"A real beauty with a very expressive face. The outtakes in many of her Met-Art sets are a favourite." ( westore )

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METART biography:

Looking at Milena is like seeing an angel. Her perfectly smooth skin and impeccable body make it hard not to fall in love with immediately. In person Milena is very approachable and kind. In fact, she can be very shy when it comes to anyone complimenting on her looks.

HEGRE-ART biography:

Milena has a real calmness and confidence about her. This stunning 22 year old Ukrainian glides through life leaving a little magic with everyone she meets. And how about those enchanting blue eyes? Completely mesmerising!

As comfortable behind the camera as in front of it, Milena is yet another natural beauty to join the team here at Hegre Art. A model for four years, keen blogger and photographer, she has built a huge and loyal following. We’re certainly going to join her fan club.

A close friend of our very own Emily, Milena has the longest blonde hair and sweetest personality you can imagine – a wonderful model to work with and the sort of girl you’d love to spend an evening with. And if you look at that glint in her eye, you can tell she’s sweet but not totally innocent.

AMOUR ANGELS biography:

Alluring beauty Sunna is a student of finance and a show-ballet dancer. She adores dancing, which is such a pleasant way to keep her body fit and in an excellent shape. Sunna has a mobile character, she is lovely and outgoing with her friends, but can be very tough and contradictory if she doesn't feel too good about something. Sunna took up naked modeling because she was sure about her stunning appearance and wanted to have some nice pics of hers.

Best Model 2011 / Members' choice of 2011

searchlight sends

"It’s been a month since Milena’s had her site up. Overall, I’d rate it as a success. You can’t fault the quantity of material she’s put up on her site – 13 photo sets and 2 videos. The downside is the quality has shown a greater range than what’s available on the commercial model sites. Some really good sets are mixed in with selfie or “artistic” sets that are hit or miss. There were some start-up issues but they got resolved. Milena is on the site pretty regularly and will reply to questions or suggestions. She looks great and there appears to be a lot of material in the pipeline. She's a wonderful model I’d like to see her be successful in this."

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theNUDE #2 newcomer of the year 2010 (1630 votes)
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2017-02-20 15:19:40 Reply
I've always preferred models that stay active for an extended period. This way you can watch them evolve - both physically and artistically. That certainly has been true with Milena who has been through almost as many re-incarnations as Dr. Who.

Which is why her off-shoot website "Undress me now!" has the potential to be so much fun. You get to decide what she wears, the setting and even the story-line. Couple that with her considerable abilities in front of the camera, and the results have the potential to be amazing. I'm leaning toward period costume sets but I also think she'd be uber sexy in glasses.

2017-02-20 15:34:38 Russell Reply
mmm...glasses, tan lines and black stockings - now there's a thought! (:R
2017-02-17 17:27:05 Reply
Milena's raffle video gave a rare opportunity to hear what she sounds like. Not as girlish as I would have expected - a little more dusky. Her English is fluent with a Russian (Ukrainian) accent. I recently heard her described as "adorable but sexy". That would apply to her voice as well.
2017-01-24 14:59:14 Reply
Milena has a new charm on her bracelet in her newest Sex-Art set. For those of you hoping to see her do hardcore, this might be as close as you get. One thing I've always found fascinating is her ability to look both prim & proper and totally brazen in the same set. Often even in the same photo.
2017-01-28 12:38:32 searchlight Reply
The bracelet has been in most of her photo sets but there's a charm on it I haven't noticed before. Check out photo #092 for a better look at what I'm referring to.
2017-01-28 03:57:20 Rudy Reply
Old bracelet:(
2016-12-25 17:02:22 Reply
Milena has her site up. She has four exclusive sets on it so far and it looks like there is a lot more in the pipeline. As always, she's beautiful and sexy. She's on it and answers questions. Worth checking out if you are a fan.

2016-12-22 16:22:22 Reply
In looking at Milena's newest set Miene, it appears that a previous set Nollea wasn't shot in the snow after all. She looks to be on a salt flat. Granted, she was wearing gloves, snow boots and what appears to be a yak-herders hat in Nollea. With that said, it might have been a little chilly out there. Her nipples looked cold when she slipped out of that white number she was wearing in Miene.
2016-12-07 22:43:41 Reply
the latest videos of her by erik latika are the greatest crap I've ever seen. most of the time out of focus and blurred, camera movements like a drunk sailor on a ship in a severe storm, editing from hell.

is this supposed to be art? sorry, I can't watch this crap.

what a waste of such a lovely girl.
2016-12-04 20:46:28 Reply
As I see Milenas last set "Reany" I mean the young teen from 2010 is reborn, she looks extremly fresh and youthful. In the last time she had lost something of her freshness, so I am a little bit astonished, perhaps she do more with cosmetics for a softer skin, what do you mean, or what say Milena herself do this? I am a fan from Milena since 2010 and I am very interested on that!
2016-12-08 18:21:30 searchlight Reply
I'm never sure where in the chronology of her photo shoots any set is, but I do like the more mature look she has had recently. Particularly the Charming Cutie set he had on Amour Angels. She has a beautiful face and knows how to make love to the camera. I could see her modeling for a long time to come, if that's what she wants. Alternatively, she could hang it up tomorrow and open a shelter for homeless cats. Treat each set as the treasure it is for someday it will be over.
2016-12-02 15:04:55 Reply
I take back what I said about wanting to be reincarnated as the banana in her last video. I REALLY want to be reincarnated as the strawberry in her most recent set. What else is there to know - the lady likes fruit.
2016-10-28 19:34:01 Reply
MA Vid
2016-11-03 22:13:17 searchlight Reply
Just checked out her new video Little Violet. Not sure where it fits in the chronology of her work, but she's always a delight to behold (I want to be reincarnated as the banana in the final minutes).

I could be wrong but I've never heard her talk or laugh in any of her videos. I'd like to hear what she sounds like, even if in Ukrainian. As feminine as she is, I would imagine she has a soft yet girlish voice. But I wouldn't hold it against her if she sounded like Kathleen Turner, either.
2016-09-14 14:34:26 Reply
Still the sexiest girl I've ever seen. The only downside with pairing her with another girl (or girls) is that I'm only looking at Milena.