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AKA:Andrea, Mariana, Marina


Born [dd-mm-yyyy]:

Birthplace: Ukraine Ukraine

First Seen: 2005

Last Seen:

Measurements: 86 - 60 - 88

Height: 175 cm

Piercings: None

Hair Colour: Brown

Breasts: Medium (Real)

Official Site:

Interview Page:

Tattoos: None


Tags: Ukraine , brown hair , medium natural breasts

Favourite of: 13 members
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Page Credits: david , Davey , Jack , Newbie

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2014-12-12 18:35:52 Reply
The gallery links are not working.
2012-07-14 06:29:19 Reply
I've been a big fan of you for quite some time Marina. I hope your modeling and acting careers are going well. Your Women's Day photo of 2011 was really nice, and as always you looked great. I wish you the best of luck and I'll continue to search for your work....you have always been my favorite Ukrainian fashion model.
2008-11-30 23:39:54 Reply
The most incredible smile I have ever seen........to my eyes the most beautiful woman. Marina is gorgeous......She is my definition of perfection.
2008-11-09 16:52:03 Reply
I wouldn't give her name without her permission........ If someone put 2 & 2 together after watching Mummy 3 they could do a search and find Marina has done quite a a lot of professional modeling.

Some women have done nude/glamour modeling as a means to make a living because they are from economically poor countries. Also nudity is looked at very differently throughout the world and considered "art" in many cultures. When tastefully done.....as I believe all of Marina's work is......I look at a beautiful woman as the "perfect" art (and to me Marina is perfection).

I don't want to invaid anyone's privacy by "dropping" a name.
2008-11-09 16:16:50 Reply
if she is the one playing in the Mummy movie, her name is listed in the credits as "Stella Maryna Troshyna".
2008-10-29 21:35:56 Reply
Kpaca.........Marina, you are flawless kpaca. Rozkishnyy......... Doskonalist!!!
2008-09-29 10:15:05 Reply
Thank you Davey........I had not seen those photos of Marina.......I appreciate the info (link). I love her smile......she's a beautiful woman.
2008-09-28 13:31:47 Reply
She has 2 sets at Pretty Nudes, but the numbering on them suggests they may be 2005 and the covers here don't start until 2006.

I don't have covers for the sets so possibly the site weren't doing covers back then.
2008-09-25 20:27:58 Reply
I only wish I could find more of Marina's work. I know Marina has done quite a bit of modeling for a few agencies from the Ukraine.........I've been able to find a some of her work (I've seen photos of Marina modeling jewelry, clothing, sports wear, swim wear, etc.)......She has had quite a successful modeling career........so I'm sure there is much more out there to see. I do believe that Marina has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.........physically, everything about Marina from head to toe is flawless to me. Obviously there are many attractive women in this world, but I have never seen anyone with a smile that compares with Marina's. To my eyes Marina is one of very few women who I can define as "perfection". From the first photo I ever saw of Marina I have only wanted to see more........she is a gorgeous woman..........a 10+++. Marina I hope you have much success in everything you do........I can only hope to see more of you for many, many, years to come.
2008-08-31 03:49:54 Reply
The info I found was true.......Marina does in fact appear in the movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Marina is the beautiful brunette at Imhotep's who asks Alex O'Connell (Luke Ford) if he'd like to buy her a drink. Although Marina has just one line.....look at her facial expressions......she performs it with style and poise (and she is absolutely gougeous). Marina I wish you the best of luck with your acting/modeling careers.....I hope to see much more from you for a long, long time. You are an incredible woman.