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AKA:Altea, Antea, Belinda, Lucia K, Lucy


Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: 21-03-1987

Birthplace: Slovakia Slovakia

First Seen: 2005

Last Seen:

Measurements: 32A-23-35 / 88-58-90

Height: 5'7 / ~1.70


Hair Colour: Brown

Breasts: Small (Real)

Official Site:

Interview Page:



Tags: Slovakia , brown hair , small natural breasts

Favourite of: 151 members
"God, how fresh does her face look in 2006! Her youth is intoxicating." ( Sutterbutte )

Page Credits: Midwest Davey , Lindafan , Calvin , maxDevil , S. Marcus , GeneD , Mortimer , Frodo , JeanC , cyclosX , yaaz , jcl , MetMonk

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METART Biography:
I can be very tomboyish and competitive. You? Tomboyish Ummm... No really...I like sports and the out doors and I love to compete. I like to win too... sometime too much. Boys can get sulky when they lose. How could anyone lose when playing with this beautiful girl Just being near her is a victory! And I don?t like when they let me win. I can win all on my own and then I can gloat. She says with a giggle. I am not mean... I just let them know I won in a fun way. You can let us know any way you want Antea.

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2015-07-13 15:15:16 Reply
I found the location of Antea's 'Candescent-etc.'-house shootings: at Cas Marin Roads, SW of St. Josep-area, Ibiza.
Sorry don't have any advert./interiors prove, neither the 'killer'-image: the private house probably has not set to rent/sale.
Zoom in at GE/GM 3d: 38°54'7.73"N  1°16'27.31"E.
(ca. 4 km South-West (-129°) of St Josep de sa Talaia, North of Es Cubells (ca. -4° 4 km). 

Notice the small bean-formed dark-blue swimming-pool (one straight line, a small and a bigger circle-form), the fern; the trunk wood pergolas/verandas!

If you've found the spot, please rotate to SW-position to compare with Antea's 'Candescent_0005'. Roofs of 'Dicosra_0029' and 'Riffy_0001' and 'Entrance' (Sonia) to the road, could be figured.
Many (2008) sets with Antea/Altea (like today's published 'Lucea' with view to the southeast terras-like landscape), Eufrat, Sonia, Hene, Verunka and Nicca!
2015-07-14 03:35:52 MetMonk Reply
Great find! I just don't know how found this...

I believe you are right, but I'd like to discuss further and this is not the right place. I'm reluctant to publish my email address here, but if you email Russell (you'll find his email address near the bottom of thenude.eu home page), you can ask him for my email address. I'll be waiting for an email from you.
2015-06-30 12:12:39 Reply
By the way, I checked the 'video'section:
'Mosian' (although with the wrong cover of Antilles session!), is a movie taken on the roof of Casa A, Es Cubells. Not yet notated!
(the photo-cover 'Lathians' have)
2015-06-30 18:49:45 MetMonk Reply
Sorry I don't have the Mosian video. Didn't download it at the time and now it's no longer on the site... But I've taken your word for it...
2015-06-30 08:59:40 Reply
I've decided that Antea "Antilles" and Danae "Sculler" were shot in Es Cubells. In the Antilles video, you can see just enough context to equate the boat house with the ones seen in the Exilis video.
2015-06-30 11:23:15 Frodo Reply
Yes you're very right with this. Thanx.
2015-06-28 11:59:29 Reply
I have a tentative location for Apake / Elant / Intina / Starlette / Vezzo / Floorean / Mientras.

Take the Cikita 'Bagnato' video dated 19/01/2014 (not the older video also called Bagnato). Look at the mountains at 0:57. Compare with http://www.panoramio.com/photo/109648998. Perfect match. So we know we're in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. We are overlooking Playa Blanca from a hill or so, as we can see in the same video at 01:30. Look also at Cikita 'Rafne', photo 62: in the distance we can see Fuerteventura. Next take the Melisa 'Lettino' sets. The villa is built against the slope of a volcano, a bit like http://www.panoramio.com/photo/72842050. There aren't many houses that are in the right position, perhaps 5 or 6. The one at 28°52'4.07"N 13°51'5.49"W looks like the best match. Only, I haven't found an advert yet that looks right...
2015-06-29 10:59:22 MetMonk Reply
Here's another photo taken from a different angle: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/58267853. It confirms a few more details including the pergola, the blue sun chair covers and the two turrets on the roof of the neighbouring house. I don't think we need any more confirmation. This is the place. None of the other villas on the flank of the volcano match. I would still like to find an advert to confirm the interior, but even without one, I think there is enough evidence (floor coverings, chairs...) to link the interior photosets - at least the ones that I have identified - with this villa. I have assigned 57 sets to this location. Models: Antea, Cikita, Estee, Melisa.
2015-06-28 15:40:33 Frodo Reply
GE: Calle Montaña Guardilama, 11 35580 Playa Blanca (the photo slightly NW-at the open place). The 'untitled' 'PMJH' picture with the house on the right bottom with some 'pergola'??? Indeed perfect position.
(What a odd place to stay along the street ...
I mean for nude-photography).
2015-06-28 14:37:47 Frodo Reply
MM, you're a devil:-)) Yes, I was as far as you are! Also look at the black lanterns and the cactus plants, which we see in Altea's 'Starlette 058' compared with the Cikita 'Bagnato', mountains and resort of houses, black stones outside-shower, etc. Cikita's 'Tablo' is the outside window of 'Mientras'.
Calle Montaña Guardilama, 11 35580 Playa Blanca? But we don't have the 'killing' picture with the pergola etc., or the Advert. of the particular house with the interiors evidence (I have some maybes), neither exact GE, which proofs this all.
But thank you, we're again on the same track.
2015-06-27 03:14:49 Reply
We've found the Antea's 'Rotonda' ánd 'Elextia' sets. They also belong to the 'Casa A', Es Cubells, Ibiza.
1 'Rotonda': look at the left side of '0028': the 'killing detail' gravure also seen in the pic of the living room (you surely know from one broke-adv.-site). Then watch the reddish stones used on the stairs; there're also in the same living room, 'Rondo' bedroom, another double-bed-rooms, single-bed-rooms ('Fashionista' and 'Fisian').
2 'Elextia': We see at 0:07 of the movie a view to the living room with square little windows and the ventilator! The blond stone square tiles are similar to the floor in front of the 'Rotonda 0048' staircase. Also the reddish in front of 'Elextia 0143'.
Thanks to cyclosX for the 'vision' to go back to Es Cubells.
2015-06-27 09:17:18 Frodo Reply
Sometimes Erro had unique and special moments with Antea alone!
2015-06-27 07:41:34 MetMonk Reply
Well spotted! I've assigned the 3 sets to Es Cubells. I've looked at the other Es Cubells models in an attempt to recognise more sets based on the new info but I could not find any.
2015-06-26 13:58:25 Reply
I located the two 'Bay' sets: Lanzarote, El Golfo
2015-06-27 09:42:54 Frodo Reply
Ok, but sometimes we need them for some clues. And Russell wants 10.000 locations to be filled.:-)))
2015-06-27 06:29:35 MetMonk Reply
There are a few models that I have an aversion to and Cikita is one of them. Sorry, not my type... Therefore the Rocciosa sets were not in my collection and had escaped my attention. I've assigned the El Golfo location to 3 Cikita sets (2 x Rocciosa + Red Hills).
2015-06-26 16:36:06 Frodo Reply
Don't forget Cikita's 'Roccioso'.
El Golfo was on my lens.. thank you again!
2015-06-24 13:21:54 Reply
I located the villa seen in Ortancia, Supervita, Windows etc. 79 sets in total. Models: Antea, Aprilia, Demi, Lorena B, Nikky Case, Victoria B, Zelda. The villa is in Lajares, Fuerteventura, 28°41'1.67"N 13°56'7.20"W. I found one site where this villa is offered for sale: http://www.idealista.com/inmueble/28750655/.
2015-06-26 09:47:27 MetMonk Reply
Fixed the typo. Thanks for your attention to detail.
2015-06-26 05:45:13 Frodo Reply
Thank you for the Location-notations of Lajares!
(but Lajeres is noted: typing-error?)
2015-06-24 20:15:49 MetMobk Reply
Rotonda: I have a problem with the stairs. There shouldn't be any. It's a bungalow. I suspect that Rotonda belongs with Vezzo, Elant & Contactus. Probably also Canary Islands, but a different place...
2015-06-24 15:14:16 Frodo Reply
@metmonk: I have Antea's Pingpongos, Windows, Supervita, Disteso, Otancia, Tramandare; what do you think of Rotonda? Date jan. 2008 or earlier?
2015-06-24 14:02:02 Frodo Reply
Well done, thanx MM! The 'Supervitsa' interior looks familiar, even 'same style paintings'! And the 'Pingpongo's corridor...etc....Great!
2015-06-18 07:13:21 Reply
2015-06-13 11:15:18 Reply
@russell-@metmonk: LOCATION  hotel >Dubna Skala 49° 13' 31.00'' N - 18° 44' 22.93'' E< [@R: censore if you need!] in Zilina, NE-Slovakia , for Antea/Altea-sets (2006):
- Rug (red carpet)
- Stardom/Red Stones(Sarta)/Sufaku/Santige/Tease
- Mozaika/Amoreas
- Exsiva/Candela/Shower
- Pillows/Pristines/Pentola
- Lirica
More different (relaxing-) rooms of the hotel show same details to find at Antea's sets: furniture, bedsheets, orange couches, rugs etc.! Different websites show various matching pictures (time-lapse 9 years.)
-- by the cyclosX/Frodo Cooperation --!
2015-06-13 21:08:26 MetMonk Reply
Great find... 83 sets. Besides Antea, we have sets with Adanna, Angel, Ariel, Becca, Eufrat, Nikky Case and Stella.

Many thanks again.
2015-06-10 10:33:23 Reply
How special can a girl be, to have some ultimate beautiful, perfect and ARTY set, after 7 years 'on the shelf'. Pic 0109 of Altea's unseen 'Edana' shows why God created the woman... Tnx to MetArt!
2015-06-12 11:52:49 Frodo Reply
btw May impressed dates are always ultimate or some months earlier.
2015-06-11 13:41:00 Frodo Reply
To my impression I guess the Fuerteventura-trip has been taken in december 2007.
(along Nikky-Victoria 'Pudding Stone' and more), maybe 'Imminenza' (Victoria) and 'Le Rocher' (with Melisa).

I dated Antea/Altea's 'Pingpongos-Windows-Supervita-Disteso-Ortancia-Rotonda(?)-Tramandare-Vezzo-Elant-Famara-Ireland-Must(vid) januari 2008, Famara Beach. All via the same comparing-girls/houses/locations method. Keeping a lot of 'study'-images, but haven't yet found the ultimate 100% compare evidences!!!
2015-06-11 09:13:29 MetMonk Reply
The American Star shipwreck is indeed how I found this location. Erro has been there with Nikky Case and Viktoria B. I had already set the location fields for those sets a few weeks ago. There's a wikipedia article about the ship: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_America_(1939). My guess is the Edana set was shot in 2007.

I believe there must have been more "Erro rents a holiday villa and takes along a few models" stories, this time with the villa being on Fuerteventura and the models being Nikky Case, Viktoria B, Altea and maybe Demi. We see the villa in Antea's "Windows" and "Supervita" sets (among others), but perhaps most clearly in some Nikky Case sets, such as Biniks and the "Lidi" video. The latter shows enough of the surrounding landscape that I'm hoping you or me might identify it some day...
2015-06-10 14:34:46 Frodo Reply
@ metmonk: Searching on that beautiful beach Playa de Garcey - 28°20'47.02"N - 14°10'36.40"W, I notice that particular ship wreck, which is seen on Altea's Edana pic 0110 (on the right), of the
panoramio SS american star playa garcey fuerteventura (2008).
It might be connection to Victoria Kruz (America Star) and more....(Nikky)
2015-06-10 11:48:36 Frodo Reply
Thanks for the location already!