Met Archives 1999-2004

Here’s the updated all singing version of the METART ARCHIVES 1999 – 2004.

It’s not complete and I look forward to your input and missing covers. Many thanks for all your previous donations – here they are all together at long last!

With only a couple of exceptions the covers are all in their original size of 500 pixels width. The covers changed size (525 pixels) 2002-10-26.

The bedrock of data is taken from the MD.csv files that are available online for download. If anyone knows how to get in touch with “MD” please let me know. Until then I continue with his work and (in a few places) add to it.

Both sets of CSV files in text format are here to download.

The original “MD” version:
MD 99 CSV.TXT 1999
MD 00 CSV.TXT 2000
MD 01 CSV.TXT 2001
MD 02 CSV.TXT 2002
MD 03 CSV.TXT 2003
MD 04 CSV.TXT 2004

…and version:
99 CSV.TXT 1999
00 CSV.TXT 2000
01 CSV.TXT 2001
02 CSV.TXT 2002
03 CSV.TXT 2003
04 CSV.TXT 2004

The early years have a few additions. The only changes to the later years are moving day dates to suit my numbering system.

If you have any missing or different covers, please let me know.
Cheers, (:Russell