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Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: 1986

Birthplace: Germany Germany

Started Modelling: 2004


Measurements: 91-59-92

Height: 5 ft 8

Piercings: None

Hair Colour: Brown

Breasts: Large (Real)

Official Site:

Interview Page:

Social Network:

Tattoos: None


Tags: Germany , brown hair , large natural breasts

Favourite of: 299 members
"Superb brunette with great breasts and a very cute and expressive face. Excellent frame. An absolute sight to behold." ( norman_druart )

Page Credits: Midwest Davey , tag-tick , Volney , bob , Hellhammer , Ian , yaaz , am4getful , germanguy , WabiSabi , quicktom66 , yaaz

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"Supercute Susann is a real temptation. Young, innocent and a beauty to die for. Her lucious and virgin body will cause a lot of melting impacts and instant addiction to everyone of you."

theNUDE of the Month March 2012 (1964 votes)
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Susann - Harmony 20 April 2013 Susann Susann Harmony Stefan Soell 30 images
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Susann - Closer Than You Think 29 December 2012 Susann Susann Closer Than You Think Stefan Soell 46 images
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Susann - Let It Shine 1 December 2012 Susann Susann Let It Shine Stefan Soell 25 images
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Susann - Beautiful Princess 22 September 2012 Susann Susann Beautiful Princess Stefan Soell 33 images
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Susann - All Yours 18 August 2012 Susann Susann All Yours Stefan Soell 82 images
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Susann - Whisper Of Truth 10 June 2012 Susann Susann Whisper Of Truth Stefan Soell 22 images
Susann - Take a Chance 29 April 2012 Susann Susann Take a Chance Stefan Soell 24 images
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Susann - Almhuetten 11 March 2012 Susann Susann Almhuetten Stefan Soell 36 images
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Susann - Echoes 5 February 2012 Susann Susann Echoes Stefan Soell 25 images
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Susann - Tradition 7 January 2012 Susann Susann Tradition Stefan Soell 38 images
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Susann - Neon Nights 6 November 2011 Susann Susann Neon Nights Stefan Soell 25 images
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Susann - Once In A Lifetime 11 September 2011 Susann Susann Once In A Lifetime Stefan Soell 25 images
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Susann - You Could Change My Mind 7 August 2011 Susann Susann You Could Change My Mind Stefan Soell 30 images
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Susann - This Is Me 13 May 2011 Susann Susann This Is Me Stefan Soell 28 images
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Susann - Just You And I 3 April 2011 Susann Susann Just You And I Stefan Soell 32 images
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Susann - Obsession 27 February 2011 Susann Susann Obsession Stefan Soell 34 images
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Susann - My Wish 19 January 2011 Susann Susann My Wish Stefan Soell 25 images
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Susann - The White Queen 17 December 2010 Susann Susann The White Queen Stefan Soell 24 images
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Susann - Feel It 20 November 2010 Susann Susann Feel It Stefan Soell 35 images
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Susann - Cowgirl 10 October 2010 Susann Susann Cowgirl Stefan Soell 30 images
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Susann & Dasari - Oranges 25 August 2010 Susann & Dasari Dasari & Susann Oranges Stefan Soell 28 images
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Susann - Natural Dreams 21 July 2010 Susann Susann Natural Dreams Stefan Soell 33 images
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Susann - Lavendel 28 April 2010 Susann Susann Lavendel Stefan Soell 41 images
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Susann - Nude 10 April 2010 Susann Susann Nude Carlos Ridago 91 images
Susann - Dreams 7 March 2010 Susann Susann Dreams Stefan Soell 39 images
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Susann - Sun Spot 9 February 2010 Susann Susann Sun Spot Carlos Ridago 85 images
Susann - Stay With Me 15 January 2010 Susann Susann Stay With Me Stefan Soell 38 images
Susann - Nereide 28 October 2008 Susann Susann Nereide Michael Sandberg video
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Susann - Divine 8 September 2008 Susann Susann Divine Michael Sandberg video
video clip
Susann - The Afternoon I Met You 8 July 2008 Susann Susann The Afternoon I Met You Michael Sandberg video
video clip
Susann - Crazy 25 April 2008 Susann Susann Crazy Michael Sandberg video
video clip
Susann - Floating Above 6 February 2008 Susann Susann Floating Above Michael Sandberg video
video clip

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2014-02-25 21:55:22 GHOST Reply
Does anyone know if she is being published at another site? Femjoy hasn't published anything since July 2013
2013-11-26 16:36:43 Begus Reply
She's definitely not Karol Preislerov√°. Does anyone know her real name?
2014-05-13 08:41:29 zirrian Reply
@quicktom66: sorry for being misunderstood, I meant to answer to ANA's comment.
2014-03-04 10:09:18 quicktom66 Reply
Thank you METMONK for your support... so i'm not the only blind bat ;-)

@ ZIRRIAN: I can assure that I have many informations about this girl, because she is my favorite model. So I'm very sure that Susann is not Karol.
2014-02-18 14:44:07 MetMonk Reply
I could probably convince myself that they are the same by just looking at the photos. But I must confirm what QUICKTOM66 said below. That's my information too. Susann is German (Erfurt), born 1986. Karol is Czech, born 1988.
2014-02-18 06:21:13 zirrian Reply
Then sir, you are blind as a bat.
2014-02-04 10:51:44 quicktom66 Reply
Susann is born in 1986 and she is from Germany. But Karol is born in 1988 and she is czech.... So Susann ist NOT Karol...
2014-01-21 08:38:52 Ana Reply
she definitely is Karol ...
2013-11-02 04:05:47 Ghost Reply
Definitely my favorite model. But why hasn't there been a new Femjoy set? Her last set was in July.
2013-10-26 02:16:32 Peter Hardin Reply
Susann is such an awesome beauty, stroking over her pictures is unavoidable, and very rewarding!
2013-02-20 05:33:03 quicktom66 Reply
New Femjoy-Set "Hide with me"


Perfect as usual!!!
2013-02-04 07:43:51 watchmen Reply

It is the model's own choice. Everyone should respect that.
2013-02-07 00:28:05 Krsouth Reply
I agree with your attitude. Sure, we can imagine what we want from the models. But we must respect their choices in how they want to exhibit their awesome femaleness.
2013-01-09 16:02:24 quicktom66 Reply
In my opinion, simply the best model ever. Susann is perfect! Hope to see more of her.
2012-12-24 00:05:45 Watcher Reply
God damn it! Some of the best models on these erotic sites just wont show the pussy. This girl is one more of those cases.

Without nice pics of her vag, it all just feels incomplete and useless. Yes, she has an otherwordly par of tits and an amazing body shape, but thats not fucking enough! It's like she thinks she is too good to show the whole package! Either that or she is self counscious about the downstairs department, which is just foolish. Also, she wont take a nice "face down, ass up" picture!

Doesn't make any sense. If these girls want to be erotic models, they should be ready to show everything!
2012-11-22 14:35:16 yaaz Reply
2012-04-01 12:03:24 russell Reply
am4getful - as you know we're still feeling our way with the cover voting - we've only got results for 2 months so far.

I think a fair test before we start tinkering would be 6 - don't you agree? (:R

2012-04-03 11:45:32 am4getful Reply
Yup! More than two sounds good to me. By the time six months of cover voting is in, we should know if some of the same covers will show up repeatedly. Only if that happens would you need to decide if that's to be avoided.