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AKA: Milena, Milena K


Born [dd-mm-yyyy]:

Birthplace: Germany Germany

Started Modelling: 2002


Measurements: 87 - 62 - 87

Height: 166 cm

Piercings: None

Hair Colour: Fair

Breasts: Medium (Real)

Official Site:

Interview Page:

Social Network:

Tattoos: None


Tags: Germany , fair hair , medium natural breasts

Favourite of: 46 members
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corycia74 sends

"Femjoy - http://www.femjoy.com
Probably the best source for High Quality pictures of Kinga. Also, the only place I've seen videos of her.

FotoCommunity - http://www.fotocommunity.de
Note the ".de", that's important! In my mind the best place to admire Kinga. The photos are not as large as those at Femjoy, but I would say many are much better quality. There is much more variety as well. She has a good number of photos on herself own profile page and there are many, many photographers with their own pictures of her. She is now known there as Milena K.

Check out these links to some of "better" pages on FotoCommunity...
Milena K. - http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/account/myprofile/592933
Laki K. - http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/account/myprofile/456287
Heinz Babberger - http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/account/myprofile/594257
Helmut Bleher - http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/account/myprofile/888600
Uwe H.. - http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/account/myprofile/994924
Also, do searches for "Kinga" and "Milena" to find more pictures and photographers.

Nude in Public - http://www.nude-in-public.com
Sad to say that she apparently only did this once as there is only one set here. She was using the name Kinga at the time.

Domai - http://www.domai.com
Two sets done as Kinga.

Body for Art - http://www.body-for-art.com
This is a wonderful site by the photographer Guido Beer. Needs work on the design a bit, but the photos are there. There are five different sets with Kinga and two of those have multiple pages. At one time, there were a few more, but they were removed at some point. Most notable was a set with Kinga by a boxcar and possibly a set with Kinga, Eva, and another girl on some stairs.

Body in Mind - http://www.bodyinmind.com
Two sets here. One set is quite similar to one of the Domai sets, but there are new photos in it. The other set I have not seen, but it is a two girl set with Kinga and Silvia.

Model-Kartei.de – http://model-kartei.de/
This site is quite similar to FotoCommunity. There just isn't quite as many photos here. She started out as Kinga, but now goes by Milena here. Her page is at http://www.model-kartei.de/sedcard/modell/346/ although she has now removed all but one photo on that page. Follow the links in her network and/or use Google to find more pictures.

On some photos you'll find that there is a 'XXL' button active. This is supposed to enlarge the photo, but for me it just redirects to the homepage. I don't know if you need an account or what, but if anyone happens to get it working, please, please let me know.

One Model Place – http://www.onemodelplace.com
This site is nothing less than a pain in the neck, but there are photos available. Probably not over 50 though. Some photos and even profile pages are now only available to members of the site. Get the photos on Kinga's page at http://www.onemodelplace.com/member.cfm?id=314435 and then you can follow the links in the tag area to find other photographers. One photographer that I would love to see more by is db Images.

Heinz Babberger – http://www.3b-foto.de/
Don't forget that "Weiter" is the equivalent of "Next Page".

Foto Design Stefan Soell – http://www.stefansoell.de
There are a few here. Most are Femjoy photos that have been cropped slightly different, but there are a still a few new ones. He also has a book called "Kinga: In the Mirror". I think it's mostly Femjoy pictures in book form, but I've never seen it.

Fototreff24 - http://www.fototreff24.de
I know of two photographers on this site, though I think all their photos have been posted elsewhere as well.

Various -
Other sites that may have a few unique photos though some are probably found elsewhere as well. I've tried to order them with the best toward the top of the list.

http://www.ixi-emu.de or http://emu-picture.de

Used to be good - These no longer have any photos of Kinga.
Model Kinga - http://www.model-kinga.de
Used to be Kinga's own website.

Cap K’s Models - http://capksmodels.de/
These photos seemed to be some of the earliest that Kinga had done. The site was undergoing a redesign, so the photos might come back sometime.

And that's all I have."

Many thanks, corycia74 (:R

Kinga - Romance 21 April 2012 Kinga Kinga Romance Stefan Soell 34 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Be Here 25 January 2012 Kinga Kinga Be Here Stefan Soell 30 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - In The Navy 29 December 2011 Kinga Kinga In The Navy Stefan Soell 47 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Rain for the Roses 1 September 2011 Kinga Kinga Rain for the Roses Stefan Soell 28 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Twilight 28 April 2011 Kinga Kinga Twilight Stefan Soell 25 images
Kinga - Room 76 11 March 2011 Kinga Kinga Room 76 Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga & Corinna - Heaven 25 December 2010 Kinga & Corinna Corinna & Kinga Heaven Stefan Soell 33 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Back Home 6 October 2010 Kinga Kinga Back Home Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga & Marion - Harem 5 November 2009 Kinga & Marion Kinga & Marion Harem Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - The Lady Of The Lake 28 September 2009 Kinga Kinga The Lady Of The Lake Stefan Soell 23 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Golden Curls 11 April 2009 Kinga Kinga Golden Curls Stefan Soell 30 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Arcade 28 October 2008 Kinga Kinga Arcade Stefan Soell 26 images
Kinga - Magic Mirror 16 September 2008 Kinga Kinga Magic Mirror Stefan Soell 20 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Fabulous 30 May 2008 Kinga Kinga Fabulous Stefan Soell 26 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Follow Me 21 March 2008 Kinga Kinga Follow Me Stefan Soell 31 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Follow Me (alternate cover) 21 March 2008 Kinga Kinga Follow Me (alternate cover) Stefan Soell 31 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Part Of Nature 18 February 2008 Kinga Kinga Part Of Nature Stefan Soell 28 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga & Nicolette - Baroque Girls 20 January 2008 Kinga & Nicolette Kinga & Nicolette Baroque Girls Stefan Soell 28 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Because of You 20 October 2007 Kinga Kinga Because of You Stefan Soell 26 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - In My Solitude 20 September 2007 Kinga Kinga In My Solitude Stefan Soell 31 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Irish Floret 17 August 2007 Kinga Kinga Irish Floret Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga & Marion - Alter Ego 7 June 2007 Kinga & Marion Kinga & Marion Alter Ego Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Golden River 31 May 2007 Kinga Kinga Golden River Stefan Soell 28 images
gallery FEMJOY
Nicolette & Kinga - Girls And A Ladder 9 May 2007 Nicolette & Kinga Kinga & Nicolette Girls And A Ladder Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - On Stage 1 May 2007 Kinga Kinga On Stage Stefan Soell 26 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Spring 28 March 2007 Kinga Kinga Spring Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Eva, Kinga - Funny Falls 27 February 2007 Eva, Kinga Kinga & Ivette Funny Falls Guido Beer 36 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Classic Poses 1 February 2007 Kinga Kinga Classic Poses Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Pure Senses 7 January 2007 Kinga Kinga Pure Senses Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Kinga - Designed 11 November 2006 Kinga Kinga Designed Stefan Soell 25 images
gallery FEMJOY
Eva & Kinga & Helena - Triplet in Motion 21 February 2007 Eva & Kinga & Helena Kinga & Andie A & Ivette Triplet in Motion Stefan Soell video
video clip
Kinga - Lido 18 May 2006 Kinga Kinga Lido Stefan Soell video
Kinga - Lido 18 May 2006 Kinga Kinga Lido Stefan Soell video
Kinga - Moving Elegance 18 December 2005 Kinga Kinga Moving Elegance Stefan Soell Video
Kinga - Moving Elegance 18 December 2005 Kinga Kinga Moving Elegance Stefan Soell video

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2012-09-19 02:16:17 poet2012 Reply
Kinga has an ethereal kind of beauty. Even when she is completely nude, there is a mystique about her. She has a natural grace, poise and charm, combined with a subtle sensuality. There is also a kind of gentle modesty about her, aligned with a restrained voluptuousness. She is pleased to display herself to all those, who, like me, appreciate her elegant attractiveness. Furthermore, her eyes and face radiate joyfulness and serenity. She is thus an epitome of Germanic beauty before the entire world.
2010-02-22 20:50:14 acme Reply
More facts here:

2010-02-22 20:41:05 acme Reply

A presentation card of her
2010-02-12 18:03:29 Russell Reply
mac - Eva asked to be removed from the index (:R
2010-02-12 14:47:58 mac Reply
Eva from sets with Kinga (Duette and Triplet) isn't listed at all http://femjoy.com/models.php/eva
2009-11-13 18:17:28 Chris Reply
Link to photoset 'Part of Nature':

2009-05-05 11:50:12 Kazu Reply
On which site can you see the photograph of Milena?
2009-05-05 11:40:38 ?? Reply
2009-04-23 13:25:14 MC Reply
Has now changed her name to Milena
2009-01-26 19:37:56 IamWil Reply
beautiful... even though she has been around for awhile... needs to loosen up a bit like these models...1 Monika 2.Marnia C. 3.Dido 4.Phiby 5.Gwyneth 6.Jenni A 7.Elle b 8.Iveta B 9.Rimma A 10.Nikky Case 11. Anita B 12. Alisa
13. Rosa A 14. Kira A 15.
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