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AKA: Angelika, Angelina Love, Angilie, Matilda, Yulia


Born [dd-mm-yyyy]:

Birthplace: Russia Russia

Started Modelling: 2005


Measurements: 91/58/62

Height: 165 cm

Piercings: Navel

Hair Colour: Brown

Breasts: Medium (Real)

Official Site:

Interview Page:

Social Network:

Tattoos: None


Tags: Russia , brown hair , medium natural breasts , piercings

Favourite of: 11 members
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Page Credits: MetMonk , TheHaulOut , Quinn , Mojo , Dayton

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NUD-ART(Angelie & Matilda)
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2013-04-07 13:30:36 suv Reply
MPL Studios


Little Friends

2011-05-27 11:07:56 russell Reply
If anyone want to chat with Mojo - drop me a line and I'll pass on his email add (:R
2011-05-27 10:06:14 MOJO Reply
Hi guys,

I have read these comments, i agree with some of the comments and some i do not.

I am passing on my yahoo messenger details to Russell.

It will be so much easier to discuss her web cam/video activities in an instant chat format.

I have watched enough of her stream from MFC and Flirt4Free now to comment on how she is working these sites. It mirrors what my ex-gf used to do.

It will take too long to explain here, best to chat in person if you guys are willing :)


2011-05-09 19:41:12 Dayton Reply
Icebergs have moved meanwhile, as after a good few months of trying (and spending quite some $$$), I was finally able to interact with her LIVE on F4F.. Unbelievable :-)

Thanks Quinn for confirmation regarding the MFC feed. And yes, I was thinking all those strange things happening might well be related to some dodgy studio "action" behind the curtains, which now seems to have been the quite obvious cause. Lets see how it unfolds in the near future.. wether they go back to the "standard" of faking the chat again, or not anymore :-S

Though, I must say, it's somewhat sad that she probably doesn't get much (financial) benefit from all of the extra. She would be much better off ditching the studio allready and start doing it all on her own, IMO ;-)

And thanks Mojo for the re-explanation. Now I understand :)
2011-05-07 11:52:33 russell Reply
Hi Mojo, np. Add your address to a comment - I'll save it but delete it before I post. (:R
2011-05-07 11:13:23 Mojo Reply
Sorry, i should have explained myself better

by saying 'i know how the cam trade works'.

I was referring to it with how a model works the job.

Few years ago, i had the pleasure of dating a cam model for several months, from that prospective, i know how she worked, the tricks she would perform to make it look real etc.

By real, i mean her Private shows, PLAYTIME with her pussy, how to show realistic looking cum etc :)

To write here would make this comment look like a book.

Probably best to msn/yahoo each other, if Russell could somehow pass on details without posting here.

Have a group discussion at some stage in the future.

Quinn/Dayton, up for a chat at some point ??


2011-05-06 12:58:49 Quinn Reply
I can assure you the MFC feed is real time and not a recording. She interacts normally when chatting with the room and when tipped.

I just checked out the VOD section of the F4F site and it looks like they're just relaying the MFC feed. In fact, I'm really pissed off right now. I've looked at a few video previews and I've positively identified a video from one of my private MFC sessions with her. If I spent more time, I bet I'd find more in there. I'm definitely not paying for access to the full videos and paying them again for what I foolishly thought of as mine. Just proves that nothing is sacred.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of these girls work for studios, who have all the power to do what they want. The girls are just low paid workers with no control of how things are used. What is likely happening is she is working the MFC site while the studio is also broadcasting the feed and selling the videos to another site or sites. She may or may not be aware that it is happening.

When she's on sometime, I'll have to put up the MFC and F4F sites site-by-side to see the differences in chat and video.
2011-05-01 14:28:27 Dayton Reply
Almost forgot.. February 1986 is the info you are probably looking for. I know the exact date, but that's hardly important for the public to know. Let's just say I got it from a quite reliable source :)

Also, she was on Flirt4Free earlier aswell, from 2008 through 2009, under the name "Angelina More". And also as a G-G couple, under "Angelina More & Sonya More". Check out the VOD section on F4F for a preview - might be able to identify the other girl.


And thanks Mojo, would be cool if you could check it out on MFC. Don't bother with F4F, as I'm 100% sure Angelinas chat is fake there (as in "typed by another person").

The only question left to be answered is, wether the video is fake too (pre-recorded), and that can be done only at the source, which seems to be MFC.

BTW, regarding "knowing how the cam trade works" - what is that about? Like MFC selling the stream to F4F, where an employee is instructed to take over the role of impersonating the model in chat (and try hard to rip-off the customers), while the model can't (and won't) know/see what the customers are typing, even when they are paying alot of money for it?

That's not how the "cam trade" works.. that's just pure scam.

Other thing is when the model runs several accounts on several sites at same time - that is OK, as she actually DOES see the input from all paying customers, if she wishes to. But that's common practice and completely fine when done properly. Unlike what seems to be happening with the Angelina broadcast recently.. :-(

PS: The broadcast times are roughly 5:30 to 9:30pm PST (or 2:30 to 6:30am CET), always in 4-hour blocks, more often around weekends.

Hope we get this debunked. Thanks :)
2011-04-30 19:30:37 Mojo Reply
Thanks for that Quinn

My first dated picture of her is 12 October 2005

With a birthday in February 2005, i would guess that was her 18th birthday.

That would indeed make her 24 now and not the 21 she claims to be on MyFreeCams

I have never taken Bio's to be the truth, many of them have the most basic of info wrong (keeps the stalkers away)

As for Dayton's problem, i will try to clear this up for you :)

I don't know how Fake-o-meter works, but i know how the cam trade works.

I have also seen Flirt4Free around, but i have never really explored that site in-depth.

Now i know Angelina is there, i will check it out, to see if there are any problems to report.

Flirt4Free has been around for some years now, i believe that there will be no problems, you just need to know how the cam trade works :)

btw Angelina was on cam in 2006, back then she used the name of Angelie (her MPL name).

From time to time she would also cam with another girl called Wendi (Sarah from MPL).

Time to check some cams out :)


2011-04-30 12:04:48 Dayton Reply
She is also at Flirt4Free under the name Angelina_Sweety, which - based on observations - seems to be a copy of the MyFreeCams stream (same time online, same video).

However! There is some cause for concern regarding the authenticity of the "new Angelina" - at least when it comes to the broadcast on Flirt4Free. My fake-o-meter went through the roof several times when attempting to interact with her there. Like for example, no matter wether it's private chat or tips in public - she never does what asked for - not even the simplest of requests like "wink", etc.. Then there is the "blackout" - where she doesn't seem to remember anything from her past cam days (or rather years) + several other bells ringing all over the place (typing while both hands are obviously busy with something else, no audio, etc.)

All in all, the picture just doesn't seems to be "connected" with the video, nor with the real Angelina, and it's most probably some fat guy typing all the stuff into the chat and having a blast at scamming the customers.

I can't go and check wether this is also the case on MyFreeCams, as several European countries (including mine) seem to be banned there.. Would be great if someone could go check and report back on that matter.

There are a few possibilities of what could actually be happening here..

If the "new Angelina" is indeed live & authentic (at least on MFC), then there are actually only 2 scenarios: Either someone is hijacking her MFC stream and using it to make money without the models (victims) knowledge about it. Or she knows, and agreed that someone would impersonate her on the other sites (chat), and she is actually getting a share from the profit.

Then there is option (B), that all is just a scam with pre-recorded video, which indeed might be the case..

Sorry for the long post, but I felt like someone might wanna know :)